Modern Montessori Teaching Guide:

How do I become a Montessori Teacher in South Africa? Being a teacher is one of the most fulfilling occupations in the world as it involves imparting and giving back to others for the sake of their development and growth. On the other hand, being a Montessori teacher is truly rewarding as you enable and […]

Exploring Montessori Education: Why Montessori is the best teaching method

At Modern Montessori, we believe in putting children’s uniqueness at the center of their education and how they’re raised to bring out the best in every one of them, individually. This blog will delve into why the Montessori teaching method is the best. Get to know Modern Montessori 35 years ago, our vision was birthed […]

Why Montessori is unique compared to traditional method

The College of Modern Montessori is unlike any other learning institution. Our focal priority is the students we teach and help develop. This article delves into what makes the Montessori education method unique compared to traditional methods of education. Schooling the Modern Montessori way At Modern Montessori, we believe that children’s early education is impactful […]

The Five main Principles of Montessori Education

Modern Montessori is not a traditional educational institution. However, it doesn’t take away how it is founded on principles, and pillars that define how we work and commit ourselves to put the education, and well-being of our children at the forefront. This blog will unpack the 5 main principles of Montessori education. What’s unique about […]

The College of Modern Montessori

What is Montessori? The Montessori method of education is profoundly different from traditional methods. Montessori is designed to unlock the potential in each child, so that they can grow cognitively, emotionally, socially, physically, and psychologically. Children need a learning environment that enables them to progress in their own way and in their own time and […]

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