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At The College of Modern Montessori, we provide nationally and  internationally accredited training courses for those who want to become qualified early childhood Montessori teachers. Once candidates have obtained their diplomas they are able to teach at Montessori schools, use the unique and proven methodology in their own homes, and even open their own Montessori schools. A Montessori teacher is known as a Directress, which is representative of the role she plays in guiding motivated exploration and discovery.

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International Accreditation

The College of Modern Montessori holds accredited status for it’s Early Childhood Teacher Education Certification Courses from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the years 2019 – 2025.

Our Courses

Internationally-accredited Training Courses for those who want to become qualified early childhood Montessori teachers. 

All of our courses have flexible payment options.

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Full-Time Course

The full-time Montessori Teacher Training course is internationally accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) and nationally Accredited by the ETDP SETA (NQF Level 5 diploma, 240 Credits)

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Part-Time Course

As with the full-time Montessori Teacher Training course, the part-time course is internationally accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) and nationally Accredited by the ETDP SETA (NQF Level 5 diploma, 240 Credits)

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Lower Elementary (6-9 years) Course

After significant demand, The College of Modern Montessori is pleased to announce the launch of our Lower Elementary (6-9 years) course. Successful applicants  must have a relevant 3 – 6 Montessori Qualification

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Distance Learning Course

Non-accredited course. The distance learning course was written in 1981 by internationally renowned Phyllis Wallbank and has been successfully completed by thousands of students throughout the world.
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Online Course

Part time course, comprising online, in-residence and practical components. Internationally accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education)

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Years Of Experience

We educate students to be imbued with the spirit and ideals of Montessori principles

The College of Modern Montessori was established in 1981 in London, United Kingdom, and initially The College offered only correspondence courses. The concept of learning the Montessori method was met with such overwhelming enthusiasm all over the world, that we developed the Early Childhood (2½ – 6 year age group) Montessori Teacher Training Course for students who wish to enrol on a more comprehensive course. There are various modes of delivery – specifically, full time and part time and our most recent option – the online and inresidence hybrid course.

Expert Leturers

The academic faculty is comprised of the Director of Studies, Course Directors, Senior Lecturers, Junior Lecturers and Field Supervisors.

Our Mission

To educate students to be imbued with the spirit and ideals of Montessori principles.

Our Code Of Ethics

The principles and ideas of Montessori on the integrity and needs of children underpin all aspects of our courses. Students, academic and administrative staff strive to apply these same principles in their work and relationships with each other. All members are expected to act with integrity and dignity and to respect each other.


Training Courses

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Celebrating four decades of training excellence

Inspiring new thinking about education and the nature of childhood.

The Montessori Teaching Method

As the Montessori teaching method is based on the natural stages of childhood development, the training course will help you understand children’s emotional, mental, psychological and physical development across several age groups. Your understanding of these stages will help you identify cases where intervention may be necessary and to plan and implement appropriate intervention strategies.

You’ll learn how to prepare an age-appropriate environment, conducive to self-development for three to six year old children (early childhood). You’ll learn how to assess children on an individual level and how to guide their progress.

The Montessori Method uses specially-designed materials to facilitate optimal development; you’ll learn how to best incorporate these and other didactic materials in the curriculum.

You’ll also need to be proficient in the subjects taught at Montessori schools, including practical life, language, maths, art, music, history, science, geography, botany and zoology.

The Montessori Method works best when the principles are applied in the home, as well as the school context. The training course shows teachers how to work with families so that they can use Montessori education strategies in their daily lives and ensure that their children’s learning and development continues at home.

Teacher training courses are available on a full-time, part-time and distance learning basis. Full-time and part-time students are required to attend an orientation session and lectures (three times per week for full-time students and once per week for part-time students). The course contains theory and practical components.

In order to pass, you’ll have to complete essays, tests, research projects, material design projects, mock practical exams, a mini-thesis and book summaries. You will need an average of 60% to qualify for the final theory and practical exams.

The distance course consists of eight workbooks and eight assignments. There are eleven practical workshops but they aren’t compulsory. There is no final exam.

Once you’ve completed either the full-time, part-time or distance learning course, you qualify as a Montessori early childhood teacher.

*Please note that while the part-time and full-time courses hold MACTE and ETDP SETA accreditation, the distance learning course does not.

Being a Montessori teacher is one of the most rewarding careers in education, as you enable children to reach their full potential. The free, unrestricted Montessori environment allows children to experience the world on their own terms, while still teaching them all the essential skills that will make them well-adjusted adults.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about Montessori teaching methods and our teacher training courses.

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Happy Students

What Our Students Say

Ikeoluwa Ayansina Student

I loved it! I loved the mode of teaching in a calm and friendly atmosphere, so warm and accepting. I’m glad I received my Montessori training from The College Of Modern Montessori. I would recommend the College of Modern Montessori to anyone, and wish the College success in their future endeavours.

Lindsay Hunt Student

The assignments were insightful and teaching prac was a blast! I have made new friends and have grown in confidence throughout the year.

Saaliha Aboobaker Student

I really loved learning about Montessori Philosophy. The course has taught me great understanding of both theory and practical Montessori teaching. The course was very informative, and it has developed me into a disciplined, hardworking individual

Bafedi Moruthane Student

A well of information, practical and beneficial for life.

Maria Chuene Student

A perfect course that is vital for the whole development of the child. A very hands-on course, informative, well planned and organised.

Katja Müller Student

A memorable and worthwhile course I am glad I attended. It has taught me many valuable skills that I will put to use throughout my life.

Liliana Borges Student

I loved the environment of the lecture room, and the lecturer. An amazing course, I had a great experience, thanks so much for the opportunity.

Mishal Khan Student

I enjoyed the whole course, especially learning about the psychology and development of the child, and the challenge of producing quality work on time.

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