How do I become a Montessori Teacher in South Africa?

Being a teacher is one of the most fulfilling occupations in the world as it involves imparting and giving back to others for the sake of their development and growth. On the other hand, being a Montessori teacher is truly rewarding as you enable and empower children to reach their full potential. This blog addresses how you can become a Montessori teacher.

Basis of Montessori education ideals

For those who want to enroll in one of our courses to become a Montessori teacher, we reckon it’s worth knowing the ideals that we base our education and teaching on.

Montessori Teaching Courses

A noteworthy detail that we’d like you to know is how our college holds an accredited status for our Early Childhood Teacher Education Certification Courses through the years 2019- 2025. Here is a rundown of our teacher training courses.

  1. Full-time Course– O accredited our full-time course is internationally and nationally
  2. Part-time Course– The minimum duration for this course is 1 academic year and the maximum stretches out to 2 years. The good thing about it is that, just like the full-time course, it is also accredited.
  3. Lower Elementary Course– This is our high-demand course which teaches children of the ages 6-9 years old. Our Lower Elementary’s successful applicants must have a fitting 3-6 Montessori Qualification.
  4. Distance Learning Course– Designed in 1981, this course is non-accredited but for years, it has been successfully completed by thousands of students throughout the world. With our distance learning option, students have 3 years to complete their studies.
  5. Online Course– We afford those who cannot train and from us on a full-time basis the chance to get their qualification still. The online learning option is part-time and comprises in-residence and practical components.

The Montessori Teaching Method

Our teaching method can be looked at from 3 different pillars. They are as follows:

  1. What you stand to learn
  2. Teacher Training Course
  3. The Final Step

For a detailed breakdown of these pillars, click here.  We invest our time and effort in nurturing the natural stages of childhood development, and our training course helps you understand children’s mental, emotional, physical, and psychological development across different, and several age groups.

Seeing as we espouse credibility, a testimony from one of our student teachers states: “A perfect course that is vital for the whole development of the child. A very hands-on course, informative, well planned and organized.”

If you want to start your teaching career with, register for a course today!

Become part of the Montessori family today

Maria Montessori once said: “Whoever touches the life of the child, touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs towards the infinite future.” Take your first step in carving the future of our children. Become a Montessori Teacher today.

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