Distance Learning Montessori Course

How The Course Works

This is a non-accredited course.
Should you choose to enrol onto the home study course (which you may complete from any country in the world) you will receive your course material, which is comprised of eight workbooks and three textbooks. The workbooks guide you through the textbooks and at the end of each workbook, you are required to submit an assignment. Upon enrolling, you are assigned a tutor, who you may contact (by fax, phone, or e-mail) if you require any advice or assistance. You may start the distance learning course at any time (in other words, there is no specific beginning to the academic year) and there are no due dates for your assignments – you submit them as and when you complete them. Once you have completed an assignment, it must be sent (via post, or e-mail) to your tutor, who will mark it and return it to you together with a grade and comments. Once you have completed all eight assignments, you will receive a diploma, which reflects an average of all the grades you have achieved. In other words, your abilities are assessed by continuous evaluation – once you have completed all of the assignments to the satisfaction of your tutor, your diploma will be issued. There is no final examination.


We hold practical workshops every four to five weeks in Johannesburg and Durban (on a Saturday, from 9:00 until 4:00). The cost of each workshop is R320.00, which is payable on attendance. The workshops are not compulsory, however we recommend that each student attends as many as possible, as they are highly beneficial. Students who attend all eleven workshops (in addition to completing the course) will be awarded a certificate, indicating which workshops have been attended.

Students are encouraged to undertake voluntary teaching practice time at their local Montessori school, so that they can familiarise themselves with the practical application of the Montesssori materials.

We allow three years in which to complete your course. However, If you are prepared to put in between one and two hours studying per day, the completion time

is between twelve and eighteen months. The more work you can afford to put into your studies, the sooner you will be awarded our diploma.

Please submit the completed application form together with the admission documentation listed on the first page of the application form via email to adminlp@montessoriint.com and modmont@global.co.za). Your application will take two days to process and your course material will be dispatched via registered parcel post, which takes approximately 5 - 7 working days to reach your nearest post office. In the event of a postal strike, your course be sent to you via courier.

Course material is sent to international students via courier.

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