The College of Modern Montessori is unlike any other learning institution. Our focal priority is the students we teach and help develop. This article delves into what makes the Montessori education method unique compared to traditional methods of education.

Schooling the Modern Montessori way

At Modern Montessori, we believe that children’s early education is impactful to many different areas of their lives, for the long term. We deem it crucial to choose the kind of school that provide holistic method of education that entail practical real-life skills as well as academic skills. These promote and develop with our children’s creative thinking, and independence.

Modern Montessori, as a school, has an illustrious experience and history of excellence in early childhood education. That is one of the pillars that every one of our schools are built on, here are more:

  1. Credibility and establishment
  2. Safe and beautiful surroundings
  3. Caring dedicated teachers
  4. Individual attention to the scholars
  5. All-inclusive education

We provide a warm environment where our unique approach to education teaches the children to be individuals, it teaches them independence and learning at their own pace. This allows them to develop values like respect and discipline. And it fosters a culture of kindness, and compassion in them.

Modern Montessori Values

Every great establishment has principles that define their modus operandi, here are ours:

  1. Holistic/ All-Inclusive education– Our educational plan also entails extra-mural and supervisory solutions. This means that we also have aftercare, extra-mural activities as well as holiday programmes.
  2. Academic skills– We believe in making an impact wherever we are. Hence our educational programmes are accredited by premier global standard bodies. This attests how our institution is unwavering and uncompromising when it comes to the high caliber of education we provide.
  3. Practical real-life skills– The cornerstone of our educational method is rooted in respecting children for their uniqueness. Having said that, we invest ourselves in unleashing the full potential that your child has and being with them every step of the way so that potential is unlocked. Children are different and therefore, should be recognised with their value and worth.
  4. Independent thinking– We believe in guiding children as they learn in their own way, and at their own pace. This develops their independence, personality and hones their way of thinking- naturally.
  5. Creative thinking– Giving our children guidance, and an environment that supports their freedom to learn according to their needs and pace allows for their creativity to be sparked. When we allow them to learn freely, they get new experiences and stimulation that further lets them explore the possibilities of their creativity with no hold barred.

These are the values we believe make our education method different, and a cut above the rest, if we may say so ourselves. Of course, for further information on our school, our website is the perfect place for you to learn more. You can also subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay updated on all our latest news and information.

Adding value to the essence of education

Education, to us, is about putting the children front and center of all things. That is why our unique method has worked for years. Give your child the gift of Montessori education today!

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